Kangaroo Club

A club for independent and supported graduates, sheltered employees and trainees of the Centre. There is a main committee which meets on a regular basis to plan for the Club’s three annual activities – self advocacy workshop / seminar, field trip and annual dinner. Election for a new committee is held once every two years. Listen to their voice:

“Kami orang kurang upaya intelek mahu hidup seperti orang biasa. Betul kami tidak tahu banyak, tidak pandai buat, dan kami memang perlu orang lain tolong kami. Tapi tolong dengan cara ikut kami, bukan ikut anda. Dengar suara kami, ikut kami berjalan, tengok yang apa kami nampak, faham yang apa kami rasa. Tidak payah buat macam-macam. Jadi kawan cukup baik.”* – Lee Fui Chen, Coordinator.

( We people with intellectual disability want to live a normal life. It’s true we don’t know much, can’t do many things, and we do need other people to help us. But help us in the way we need, not in your way. Listen to our voice, follow as we walk, look at what we see, understand what we feel. No need to do a lot. Become a friend is good enough.)

Kangaroo Club Committee 2009 – 2010 Statement:

  • Everywhere disabled-friendly, for example safe roads and can go overseas by ourselves.
  • We can get a job, we don’t want to be disabled and poor, no need people give us money and things all the time, birthdays can.
  • Chance to have own home, a place we can say “my own”.
  • Change the way people look at us, for example public and the government think we don’t know anything, waste their money only, but we are people first! Like this, you give us beginning help, after that we can do ourselves.

Kangaroo Club Committee 2009 - 2010