Open Employment Unit

Sheltered employees and senior trainees will be assessed if they have the ability and skills to work in the community on their own, with limited support. The stages of preparation: Vocational Training, Community-based Work Crews and Supported Living, have been designed to help them integrate better and with greater self confidence to the outside world.

Community-based Work Crew

Two groups of work crews are presently working in the community, and getting paid for it. The Community-based Work Crews differ from Supported Employment in that the work crews require constant supervision of a job coach. There is one group of four working every day in and paid by Khong Guan Biscuit Factory. Another group does office cleaning of various companies two times a week.

Supported Employment

Sheltered employees or qualified trainees undergo 1 – 3 months on-the-job training in the community, supervised at the preliminary stages by a job coach. Once they are assessed by their job coach and potential employer as employable, they can leave the Centre as an Independent Graduate or as a Supported Graduate, someone who receives scheduled support from their job coach.