Vocational Training

The purpose of Vocational Training is to actualize a curriculum of work skills training in a centre-based setting, spread over 4 – 5 years. Every trainee has an Individualized Training Program which takes into account the person’s strengths and interests, which are then matched to the best possible career route.

Transition Class

Transition Class is a 1-year pre-Vocational Training program where a fresh school-leaver or an untrained young adult is prepared to enter the world of employment and supported living. At the end of the Transition Year, a trainee can choose to enter any one of the Sheltered Workshops.

Sheltered Workshops

New trainees from the Transition class would be placed at one of the following Sheltered Workshops: Art & Craft, Bakery, Canteen or Emerging Sheltered Workshops – Gardening or Car Wash.

Upon completion of Vocational Training, trainees have the opportunity to become Sheltered Employees of Seri Mengasih Centre and work in the Sheltered Workshops for a limited time. Meantime, they would also be receiving on-the-job training at the Open Employment Training Unit.


The Bakery Workshop has a baker and an assistant, together with two Sheltered Employees and four trainees. We specialize in making donuts, buttermilk buns, pineapple tarts and “kuih makmur”, a Malay delicacy. These sell like “hotcakes” amongst families in the Centre during the festivals, and on occasions we put up a sales booth in the shopping malls.


The Canteen Workshop is run by a trainer and her assistant, with a group of two Sheltered Employees and six trainees. They cook and prepare food items for the Centre’s break time at 10:00 am and lunch at 12:00 pm.

Art & Craft

The Art & Craft has two classes – Recycled Papercraft and Woodwork. A trainer and her two assistants oversee the production crew, made up of three Sheltered Employees and five trainees. Regular supporters of our Art & Craft products include Simply Chocolate (box cover), Shangri-la’s Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa (Christmas and Earth Day souvenirs) and Department of Environment (bookmarks).

Emerging Sheltered Workshops

Two potential Sheltered Workshops are being developed. We are planting vegetables at the back yard, and decorative flowers on the premises. Two times a week we wash the cars of the staff for a minimal fee.