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With a small student teacher ratio in Seri Mengasih, the cost of operation is very high, which is RM500.00 a month or RM6,000.00 a year to train only one student and there is currently more than 150 students undergoing its training programmes.

As a charitable organization, the Centre’s continual existence depends heavily on yearly fundraising projects which form a major bulk of its income. It also receives cash donations from the public and minimal contributions from the parents. A permanent source of funding is yet to be determined.

Below is a breakdown of Seri Mengasih’s income:


Crossed cheque can be made payable to Seri Mengasih Centre
or credit to Standard Chartered Bank Account No: 3901 1547 6448

We have obtained Tax Exemption Status. Please inform us if you have made contribution, receipt will be issued so that you may claim your tax rebates.
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