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Less Invasive EEG With Chaos Theory Helps ID Autism Early

For many years, behavioral testing and observation have been the only way to determine if a child is autistic, often causing distress and confusion for parents. However, now the application of the standard electroencephalogram (EEG) combined with borrowed math from chaos theory, may enable doctors to read brain wave patterns and identify levels of autism […]

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Life on and Slightly to the Right of the Autism Spectrum: A Personal Account

By Stephen Shore www.autismasperger.net THE AUTISM BOMB Most of us are inducted into the Autism Community by what I call the “Autism Bomb.” Autism often strikes a typically developing child at approximately 18 to 24 months with a sudden, dramatic loss of speech and contact with the environment. Self-stimulatory behaviors (“stims”) such as hand flapping […]

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